Technical specifications

Type: mechanical infusion pump
Material: polypropylene
Weight: 1.9 kg
Delivered pressure: from ±100 mbar to ± 200 mbar
depending on the bag size
Dimensions: L 343 X W 227 X H 115 mm
Drip bag sizes: from 250ml up to 1000ml
Flow range: from 0 to 8,3 litres/hour - ISO 8536-4
(5 litres per hour with a 18 G catheter)
Emptying rate: 95% to 100%
depending on Droper positioning
Power supply: only mechanical
Power consumption: none
Certification: Class 2A
Droper conforms to norms
ISO 8536-4 and ISO 28620

vertical drop test

horizontal drop test

endurance (6000+ cycles)

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